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Who Dani? Why Dani?

Dani Dudovick is into his third decade as an advertising and design swami. Having worked at big shops like FCB and Grey early in his career, as well as a small shop or two, Dani has aided many big national brands, as well as small local and regional ones, operating in pretty much every industry -- packaged goods, entertainment, tourism, healthcare, financial, fitness, legal, real estate, telecomm and on and on.

For the last decade or more, Dani has run his own shop. He’s well versed in all of the media and devices that are useful to marketers, from HD motion graphics to flash animation to logo design and photography. Much of his time these days is spent weaving websites. Yes, he’s won a bunch of awards. Yes, he’ll be glad to provide contact information so his happy, happy clients can sing his praises into the phone or onto the screen for you.

The distinctiveness of Dani Dudovick is two fold. On a macro level, unlike many other talented practitioners of the visual/commercial arts, Dani’s deep and varied experience and well-honed business brain provide him with a panoramic HD view of the big picture from his office window. He gleans the why behind the how and what of whatever he creates.

In addition, on a more nuts and bolts level, Dani got into the whole website creation thing early on. He figured out that his value would increase dramatically if he were good at not just the whole outward facing design of websites -- the esthetics and navigation -- but also that mysterious back room coding stuff. The engineering, not simply the design. So he has become fluent in programming, giving him access to one critical slice of the big picture few designers ever glimpse.

The efficiencies this dual understanding provides and the seamlessness it produces pay dividends for those who avail themselves of Dani’s rare combination of skill sets. Almost no one else out there is capable of realizing both sides of a website well. It’s one of many compelling reasons why Dani is in such demand.

By the way, if you’d like scuba instruction, advice on growing heirloom tomatoes, or cooking, or would like to find out anything about basenjis, Dani is also your guy.

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