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"Digital Goodness that won't Soil the Carpet"

Welcome to Double Dog Productions a multifaceted laboratory of advertising, branding and design. Besides websites and interactive presentations, we specialize in responsive and creative digital reality of every permutation. Of course we offer simple-to-complex image retouching and compositing, motion graphics, as well as 20 years of thinking strategically to incorporate smart branding design, effective user experience, social networking, and eCommerce to help you dominate the online neighborhood. In other words, the dogs and I are ideamakers who are tough to beat and chock full of digital goodness.

With all of that experience, we combine traditional methods with cutting-edge digital "materials" to create work that is current and future savvy. Our pixel toolbox is brimming with all of the usual wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers anyone uses, only wielded with the taste, dexterity, and the craftsmanship of an artist and a master builder.

Click on the "Contact the dogs" link below or the "Request a proposal" button to send us your feedback and inquiries and allow us to demonstrate how we can pleasure your company on your next big, bad, digital challenge. We welcome the pressure.

Enjoy your visit, and come back often.

Dani Dudovick