4150 W. Riverside Drive - Suite 206
Toluca Lake, CA 91505
tel. 310.251.7655

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A Peaceful Place to Rejuvinate

Tucked away in the iconic Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee Building on the edge of Toluca Lake and Burbank, is a beautifully calming studio and the home of My Sweet Body Endermologie.

The sole owner and operator of My Sweet Body, Leesah Givot, comes to this business after being a Producer in both commercials and television. After years in production, she realized she may have another goal; find a way to produce “happy” people. “I understood the stress first hand,” she says.”I was feeling it myself on a daily basis.” During a break from production in 2000, Leesah set out to explore the arena of wellness and eventually enrolled in a massage program. It turned out to be her light bulb moment and sent her down the path that would permanently change her life.

"My clients come from all walks of life, from celebrities to special-ed teachers. Everyone comes with a unique story and I treat each and every one individually. No one body or spirit is the same." Leesah has been practicing as a certified Endermologie technician for 13 years, adding to each client's experience her years of bodywork knowledge as well as her people skills from her production background. "I’ve been told many times that I might as well be a life coach, too, with all of the resources I have collected on my journey. To me, it's all about treating the body, mind and spirit. It’s all connected"

In the past, Endermologie has been cubby-holed as simply a cellulite reduction tool. “This couldn’t be further from the truth,” Leesah explains. The machine was actually developed in France to break up scar tissue, pump up lymphatic flow and blood circulation.

The science is based on the oldest form of massage, skin rolling. By rolling the skin evenly as opposed to by hand, Endermologie produces a faster and more relaxing result. In 30 minutes lymphatic flow is pumped up 200% for 6 hours and circulation is upped 400% for 6 hours, all while you are lying on a massage table.

Endermologie works your body out without any effort on your part, yet Leesah is quick to point out this isn’t a substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet. "Everything works together," she says. "Endermologie is the perfect addition to either help put your life back on track or keep it on track. You can truly benefit by adding this treatment to your life."

We Are Located At:

4150 W. Riverside Drive Suite 206
Toluca Lake, CA 91505
(In the Priscilla’s Coffee House building.
Entrance on Evergreen St.) 310.251.7655

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Email:  info@MySweetBody.com

"My Sweet Body Endermologie, For the Life of Your Body"

My Sweet Body Endermologie