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Now is the Time

Pauletta Washington

Do as Pauletta Washington does and firm up with spirit-lifting Endermologie treatments by My Sweet Body

I’m very excited to report my discovery of a treatment that has given me great results and made me feel so good. (Anything that makes a person feel this good should be shared!)

Since Oscar buzz is all around, I decided to give myself a leg up on getting my body moving in a more positive direction. The secret: Endermologie, a patented FDA approved process that improves the body contour. I tried it and believe me, I liked it. Leesah Givot, my operator at the intimate, private My Sweet Body, has been a complete angel in administering the treatments, approaching them with care and dedication.

While cellulite is the main focus of the Endermologie treatment, there are many other reasons for undergoing the process. It increases circulation 400 percent, increases lymphatic flow by 200 percent, stimulates collagen, pushes lactic acid out of the muscles to relieve D.O.M.S. (or delayed onset of muscle soreness to you laypeople out there)rids cognitive tissue of toxins and excess water (aka bloat), exfoliates the skin, and softens scar tissue. As I've mentioned before, I like it.

"My Sweet Body Endermologie, For the Life of Your Body"

My Sweet Body Endermologie