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My Sweet Body customizes your treatment to fit your body’s needs. No two bodies are the same. Read what satisfied clients are saying:

"It’s both invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. I can feel everything moving, every time I have a treatment. It really works!"

Tori Trainor, Tracy Anderson Studios

"I’ve been seeing Leesah for 2 years now and she gets it. She knows how to deal with my fibromyalgia flares as well as addressing my cellulite. I love endermologie!"

Nicole Marie, Attorney

"I love endermologie. I walk out of every session feeling refreshed and walking taller, not to mention with a flatter stomach and less noticeable cellulite. I wish I could go every day!"

Shari Jordan, Actress & Dancer

"I recommend endermologie for any type of detox regime. My Sweet Body’s state-of-the-art machine goes deeper and is more effective than all the other endermologie treatments I’ve had."

Caryn Doran, Natural Medicine Practitioner

"My Sweet Body Endermologie, For the Life of Your Body"

My Sweet Body Endermologie